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Afan Oromo Bible Printing Ministry

On June 1, 2024, the UOEC Churches organized a significant online meeting to delve into the crucial topic of continuation of reprinting Oromo Bibles. The meeting served as a platform for passionate discussions and innovative ideas to flourish among the members. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and dedication towards this noble cause, with each church member actively engaging and contributing their thoughts and suggestions.

The collaborative efforts during the meeting resulted in a plethora of creative and practical ideas being shared, paving the way for a comprehensive strategy to be formulated. The commitment and support shown by all the churches towards the initiative were truly commendable, highlighting the unity and shared vision within the UOEC community.

One of the most striking revelations from the meeting was the staggering demand for Oromo Bibles, with estimates indicating a need for more than 15 million copies. This figure underscored the significance and widespread impact of the project, emphasizing the importance of making the scriptures accessible to a vast audience.

The realization of the scale of this endeavor was indeed astonishing, reflecting the immense scope of the mission ahead. However, with the collective determination and dedication of the UOEC Churches, there is a strong sense of optimism and confidence that this ambitious goal can be achieved, ultimately bringing the message of hope and faith to millions of individuals.

Let's keep praying for Devine intervention for the success of this ministry.

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