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UOEC denounces mass killings in Agamsa, Oromia, Ethiopia

UOEC, Agamsa Prease Release
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We, at the United Oromo Evangelical Churches (UOEC), an umbrella organization of Oromo Churches from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Africa, are deeply saddened to learn yet another mass killings of the Oromo people in Agamsa town, Eastern Wallega zone of Oromia. According to global media outlets, such as ABC New, AP News, and others, on August 30, 2022, more than sixty people were killed, hundreds wounded, and tens of thousands of residents fled to the neighboring villages to save their lives. Most of the victims were children and elderly for obvious reasons.

It is very disturbing to report repeated Ethiopia’s mass killings and displacements perpetrated against innocent people, especially children and senior citizens. This shows the intensity of atrocities people are facing, and that the Ethiopian government has been failing to ensure the safety of its own citizens. Sadly enough, domestic media outlets do not dare to report such hideous crimes happening to humanity in Ethiopia anymore. These mass killings were carried out by a militant group known as Fano, one of the security forces of the Amhara Regional State.

While we are mourning with those families who lost their loved ones in this tragedy, the UOEC strongly condemns such evil acts against humanity and all atrocities happening in Ethiopia.

We urge the following actions be taken by all concerned bodies:

1. We call upon the Ethiopian government to protect the lives of its own citizens from such atrocities.

2. Allow independent media and investigators to uncover this tragic incident.

3. The Oromia Reginal State must ensure the safety and security of all people in Oromia.

4. Provide much needed humanitarian services for the survivors and help them get back to their daily livelihood.

5. Bring the perpetrators to justice.

6. We call upon all religious institutions, particularly those in Ethiopia, Oromia, and in diaspora, to stand in solidarity and denounce such evil acts. Moreover, pray for the victims and support them financially. In conclusion, we would like to plead to partner churches and International Humanitarian Organizations to stand with us in rehabilitating our people who are displaced not only in Agamsa, but also in many parts of Oromia over the years.


Rev. Alemayehu Fite

United Oromo Evangelical Churches President

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